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The law only seems to protect trendy beliefs. Writing in The Times, David Arronovitch says he has nothing against naturists, but should abusing a naturist be a hate crime?
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It’s not just about ping-pong you know! says the Telegraph. Things you only know if you’re a female naturist…

More than half of Brits would go nude on holiday, according to the Daily Mail

Being naked makes us happier and more satisfied with our bodies, according to the Daily Mail

There’s naked yoga, naked dating, naked dining. But is it OK to take your clothes off in public? the Guardian asks (spoiler alert: yes it is)

More form the Guardian: A heatwave is the perfect moment to rediscover the joys of being naked Being naked with other people instantly gets rid of several levels of nonsense. It’s a great leveller, as clothes are our primary markers of tribal identity. We use them to send out signals about wealth, class or professional status, and cultural taste. Without them, everyone looks more different than you thought, but also more similar; it becomes harder to write off people on first glance as “other”.

All beaches are technically naturist beaches: a guide to nude sunbathing (the Guardian. I’m spotting a pattern here..) If you’re sunbathing, or walking around, with no clothes on in a public place, providing your intention is you are just being a human being, and not doing it to offend people or be provocative, or causing harassment, alarm or distress, then it should be perfectly legal.

Guardian Editorial on nudity: grin and bare it  “..there is a useful lesson in humility and in the appreciation of life as it is when you let it all hang out, even in some cases flop out. It is neither concealment nor display but simple acceptance of who and how we are”

Nudity isn’t indecent. It’s a noble British tradition, says the Guardian. When a ban on bathing nude in the Thames was introduced in the early 1900s, one protester entered the river with his trunks on his head: “They said we had to wear them, but they didn’t say where!”

Nudity is the ultimate test of self-acceptance. Why are we so afraid of it? Naturists are not the same as exhibitionists – the latter being motivated by titillation, a desire to be seen; whereas the former simply feel inhibited by clothing and in discarding it bring themselves closer to nature. (Yes, it’s the Guardian again)

The HuffPost says you can learn a lot from baring it all as 5 Naturists Reveal The Secret To Having Body Confidence

Channel 4’s ‘The Great British Skinny Dip’ gives a revealing insight into life as a naturist (HuffPost)

Wigton Baths marks a year of hosting naturist swim sessions (from News and Star)

Morecambe Bay Naturist Club. Putting Nature back into Naturism

Morecambe Bay Naturist Club, Silverdale, Lancashire

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