Website updates

Page updates

01/07/20 Created remote signing in for Silverglades

29/06/20 moved coronavirus news to own page

29/06/20 Updated Equal Opportunities page

29/06/20 Fees page and Membership  page changed to reflect temp. single visit policy for prospective members

27/06/20 Updated front page with latest CV info

27/06/2020 Blog entry – Open for prospective members again

24/06/2020 Added page for portable toilet

06/06/20 Created AONB page

05/06/20 Added Newsletter 05/06/20

03/06/20 Added Newsletter 03/06/20

03/06/20 Reinstated missing page Site info for members

03/06/20 Updated Rules for Members

03/06/20 Added Coronavirus rules

03/06/20 Padlocks page amended

01/06/20 Front page coronavirus status updated

01/06/20 Coronavirus update Newsletter for members

01/06/20 Coronavirus update for visitors

13/05/20 Home page and blog page updated – site still closed

08/05/20 lockdown to 28 May added to home page

08/05/20 CV lockdown extended to 28 May

04/05/20 Extension of CV restrictions added to home page and Open Day 2020

24/03/20 Updated the members calendar

24/03/20 Added MBNC Newsletter 23/03/20 Temporary closure of Silverglades

24/03/20 Added Silverglades is closed notice to public blog

24/03/20 Added Silverglades is closed notice to home page

20/03/20 All pools are now closed, all swims cancelled until further notice

19/03/20 RSPB cafe closed

18/03/20 Added Newsletter 16 Mar 2020

18/03/20 Updated BN swims page – possible cancellations

17/03/20 Coronavirus statement

13/03/20 Updated donations and fees

14/03/20 Added new page listing unclaimed items

Morecambe Bay Naturist Club. Putting Nature back into Naturism
Page last updated 2020/Jun/29/18:00

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