Attending as a Day Visitor:

We can, occasionally, accommodate prepaid visits to Silverglades by non-members. Please note however, our lease requires a member of MBNC to be present day/night when there are visitors.

Please note that we cannot guarantee the availability of any particular dates or pitches although we will do our best to meet your needs. We have members who live close to Silverglades who will be pleased to meet you on site if given sufficient notice of your visit.

Please Contact us for more details

Please refer the  Fees Table for costs

Attending as a prospective member:

Your initial visit must be prearranged and accompanied by a committee member (this is a condition of our lease). The remaining two visits can be accompanied by an ordinary member of MBNC or a committee member.

If at all possible, please try to arrange your first visit for the second Saturday in the month, between March and October when it is likely there will be a committee member present. On other days, we have members who live close to Silverglades and who will be pleased to meet you on site if given sufficient notice of your visit

After three accompanied visits to Silverglades you may be accepted as a probationary member and may then attend the site unaccompanied. Probationary membership lasts 12 months after which you may become a full member once approved by the committee.

Your first visit is free, and your second and third visits will be chargeable, please refer to the Fees Table for costs

Attending as a MBNC member:

Admission to Silverglades is by your Membership Card and security code. Any person at Silverglades who is unable to produce a valid membership card on request will be charged as a Day Visitor.

Fees (as at March 2018)

A Family Unit is deemed to be a maximum of 2 adults + 2 children. No charge is made for children under 5 so these are not included.
All persons aged 18 or over are classed as adults.

Single Day Visitors (non-members) £5.00 per adult
£8.00 per couple / family unit
Joining fee ( 1st visit free, 2nd and 3rd chargeable) £10.00 single (payable as £0, £5, £5)
£16 couple / family  (payable as  £0, £8, £8)
[plus membership fee payable upon 4th visit]
Membership fee (Apr – Mar) £55.00 per year for a single person.
£70.00 per year for a couple / family unit.
Overnight stays for non-members (Up to 24 hours from time of arrival. By special arrangement only) Price is per night. £3.00 per adult in addition to day fee.
£2.00 per family unit in addition to day fee.

Guidelines for Members and Visitors

Members and Visitors must bring their own water and be prepared to be self-sufficient on site. Note that unless there is a club member present there will be no access to the club house.

Take ALL litter and rubbish home. Leave the site clean and free from debris.

Whilst on the site, remain tidy and be considerate to other users


Generally we love pets, but if dogs are brought onto the site they must remain under control at all times and not disturb other site users. Any fouling is to be scooped up and taken home by the owner. Some green bags are available in the club house in case of “emergencies”, but please be responsible and bring your pet’s own!

Silverglades is a “wildlife-friendly” site so please do not bring any pets that are liable to chase or otherwise disturb the local wildlife.


We allow smoking outdoors at Silverglades but, for safety, all smokers MUST use the ashtrays provided as large parts of the site will be a fire risk in dry weather. We are, of course, subject to the Smokefree regulations from 1st July 2007 (there are no exemptions for private clubs), so the clubhouse is a no-smoking area.


Parking is restricted to the lower areas only, below the clubhouse. We do not allow vehicles onto higher parts of the site except for those who require such access because of disabilities – please make contact prior to your visit so that special arrangements may be made.

You may read more site information for visitors here

Members may read site information for members here

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