Visiting Silverglades

CORONAVIRUS: Silverglades, our 10 acre site of lawns, glades and woods,  is currently open to members and their accompanied guests. The clubhouse remains closed but there are toilet facilities.

We will gladly arrange visits for prospective members, accompanied by a committee member. If you are interested in joining, please contact the MBNC Secretary:

phone 07467 246690


BN members are also welcome to attend in the company of a MBNC member. Please  contact

These temporary arrangements continue to be under review, and may change at short notice

Lawn and meadow
One of the lawns

Open Day 10 July 2021

Free for first time visitors!

Morecambe Bay Naturist Club hosts a free annual open day at Silverglades,  for anyone who has not visited before. There is no charge for the first 24 hours of your visit. This year it is from 10.00am on the second Saturday of July. You will have to book your visit, please don’t just turn up! More details will be found on the Open Day page

NOTE: Visitors during coronavirus

Silverglades is currently open to members and their accompanied guests only. We are not accepting unaccompanied day visitors. We will however arrange visits for prospective members, accompanied by a committee member

If you are interested in becoming a member, please click here

Day visitors

Day visits will recommence once coronavirus restrictions no longer apply. Please note that day visitors may not be able to attend on the same day as enquiring. We may need time to make arrangements for a committee member to accompany visitors. MBNC is a members-lead club and we regret that visitors are not able to visit unaccompanied

As a guide,  visits are easier to arrange on the dates below:

  • The AGM on the second Saturday in September
  • Our annual Open Day, usually on the second Saturday in June or July.
  •  Second Saturday of the month from March to October when Committee meetings are happening
  • The last Saturday of the month from March to September when “Putting Nature back into Naturism” events are held
  • Midweek afternoons, usually on Tuesdays from March to September commencing 1pm –  weather permitting!

Outside the above days, we will do our best to facilitate your visit but cannot guarantee the availability of any particular dates or pitches. We have members who live close to Silverglades who will be pleased to meet you on site, given sufficient notice of your visit. It’s a good idea to check the weather forecast first, as members are less likely to turn out when rain is forecast.

On your first visit, you will be asked to show photo ID and proof of address. Please ensure you have these with you. We do not take copies, we just want to ensure you are who you say you are

More than 3 days

camping in the glades

Day Visitors wishing to stay in more than 3 continuous days are encouraged to become Full Members.  (Your 3 Guest Days will count as your 3 Prospective Member visits).

The advantages of becoming a Full Member are:

  • You will have free day visits/camping for the remainder of the year
  • You will not have to accompanied by a Full Member
  • You will be given the padlock codes for gate so you can come and go freely
  • You will have 24 hour access to the clubhouse
  • You will be able to store belongings on site between Mar-Oct
  • You will be able to bring accompanied guests onto the site (but they will be asked to pay a day fee)
  • You will have access to occasional newsletters and updates
  • You will have a say at the AGM
  • You will have access to the Members Area of the website

Ready to book?

Please Contact the Secretary to arrange a visit or to join MBNC

Please refer the  Fees Table for suggested donation

Guidelines for Members and Visitors

Members and Visitors must bring their own water and be prepared to be self-sufficient on site. Note that unless there is a club member present there will be no access to the club house.

Take ALL litter and rubbish home. Leave the site clean and free from debris.

Whilst on the site, remain tidy and be considerate to other users


Generally we love pets, but if dogs are brought onto the site they must remain under control at all times and not disturb other site users. Any fouling is to be scooped up and taken home by the owner. Some green bags are available in the club house in case of “emergencies”, but please be responsible and bring your pet’s own!

Silverglades is a “wildlife-friendly” site so please do not bring any pets that are liable to chase or otherwise disturb the local wildlife.


We allow smoking outdoors at Silverglades but, for safety, please use the ashtrays provided as large parts of the site will be a fire risk in dry weather.

The clubhouse is a no-smoking area.

Vehicle access

Track to clubhouse

Track up from gate
Track up from gate

Access to the site is by short track, with one sharp bend and some overhanging branches. If your vehicle is large, seek advice from us  before attending.


Please use the car park below the clubhouse. Vehicles should not proceed any further except for disabled access – please make contact prior to your visit so that arrangements may be made.

Camping / caravanning


If you are overnighting in one of the glades, you may park your car with you

Further information

You may read detailed site information for visitors here

Members may read site information for members here

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