Signing in to Silverglades

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This page is for the use of current members and their accompanied guests only

Because of coronavirus restrictions, Silverglades is currently open to members and their accompanied guests only. We are not accepting unaccompanied day visitors. We will however arrange visits for prospective members, accompanied by a committee member

If you are interested in becoming a member, please click here

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Why do I have to sign in?

Everyone attending MUST sign in at Silverglades each and every day they are present,  to comply with our insurance policy. We will always record, as a minimum, your initials and date of visit.

Additionally, to assist with NHS Test and Trace, MBNC will collect personal data (name, email, phone number) of every person attending Silverglades and store this information for 21 days in case it is required. By attending Silverglades you are deemed to have consented to this use of your personal data. You may opt out at any time by contacting or text to  07484 681364

After 21 days this additional personal data will be permanently deleted

Scroll down to see how to sign in by email, website, or text message

Sign in by email

Send an email to

You MUST provide your full name, and it helps to include your email, and telephone number in the body of the message.

Sign in using web form

If you are unable to sign in at Silverglades by email for any reason, you may use this contact form instead:

Sign in by text message

You can also sign in by text to  07484 681364

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Page last updated 2020/Jul/22