Toilet facilities

Portable Toilet

Silverglades is “off grid” due to various natural landscape designations (AONB, SSSI, Limestone Preservation Order) and that will not change.  This means we can not provide flushable toilets.
A portable toilet is provided for users and is maintained by the committee.

Alternatives to using the portable toilet

The nearest traditional WCs are at RSPB Leighton Moss, for the use of cafe users and RSPB members and visitors.
Toilets open daily 9.30am-5pm (9.30am-4.30pm in December and January). They are located on the ground floor of the visitor centre.

Accessible toilet open daily, dawn-dusk, located on the ground floor at the rear of the visitor centre.
If you use their facilities, please make a purchase in the shop or cafe. The cafe is open 9.30am-5pm (9.30am-4.30pm in December and January) Last meal orders taken at 3pm, but drinks, cakes and snacks available until close.

Toilet and handgel station

As a temporary measure, the chemical toilet has been moved to a toilet tent, adjacent to the clubhouse (which is out of bounds). A handgel station has been introduced, as required by the latest coronavirus guidance
The toilet was thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before relocation.
Please note that the blue additive is producing “dotting” in the toilet bowl. This is normal and does not mean the toilet is unhygienic.
In the pocket of the tent is a spare toilet roll.
The poly bags, stored in the pocket, are for disposing of used anti- virus wipes (see below)
The handgel dispenser may need quite a few pushes of the black bar before it dispenses the clear gel Please persevere!
The handgel is 70% alcohol anti-virus
It is intended for hand cleansing at the toilet.
Please use your own handgel elsewhere on the site
There are clear instructions for operating the chemical toilet
Toilet paper is protected against rain (hopefully
Anti-virus wipes for toilet surfaces.
Ensure the plastic flap in the lid is fully closed after use, to prevent the wipes drying out

The club has provided anti-virus wipes for cleaning the portable toilet surfaces before and after each use. The wipes are impregnated with a 99.99% effective bactericide and virucide and comply with EN 14476 and EN 1275 standards

Please wipe over all the toilet surfaces, and place the used wipes in one of the plastic bags provided. If possible, use just one wipe before use, and one after. Do not dispose of wipes in the toilet. Please use one of the poly bags in the tent pocket then take the used wipes and bag home with you for proper disposal

The wipes pull out from under the flap in the lid of the container. Please ensure the flap is fully closed after use, otherwise the wipes will dry out.

Toilet paper can be put down the toilet

The handgel and wipes for the toilet are on a wooden frame inside the toilet tent. If desired, you may place this frame outside the tent in a shaded area during your stay at Silverglades but please return the frame to the tent before leaving

See below for further information

Thetford Porta Potti 165 Portable Toilet

Flushing the toilet

portable toilet use 1

(note that fewer than 3 flushes are usually needed, and ordinary toilet paper is OK)

portable toilet use 2
Lift the lid on your Model 165 Porta Potti and the use the toilet to collect waste as you would any household toilet. When finished, pull the blade handle out (green arrow) and close the lid. Press down on the bellows pump (blue arrows) to flush the toilet then push in the blade handle to close the valve.

Instructional video


User Manual

The complete manual has full details, including how to empty and where to obtain spare parts:

Click to download as pdf: Thetford Porta Potti 165 Portable Toilet

Toilet tent assembly

The instructions, printed on nylon,  were attached inside the tent bag and are badly creased:

toilet tent 1toilet tent 2

However, these amended instructions for a similar tent (click image to enlarge) are clearer:


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