Donations and fees

Donations and fees

Although we are allowed to collect an annual membership fee from members, our site licence does not allow us to charge non-members for visits. Therefore, we rely on donations from visitors, as suggested below.

A Family Unit is a maximum of 2 adults + 2 children. No charge is made for children under 5 so these are not included.

All persons aged 18 or over are classed as adults.

Description ££
Day visit (prospective members, non-members and guests of members)
Note: pre-paid, proof of ID required, max. 3 days per year
Single £5
Family or Couple £8
[annual membership required before a 4th visit]
Addition for overnight camping, per night, applied to prospective members, non-members and guests of members
(Up to 24 hours from time of arrival)
£3.00 single (making £8.00 total)
£5.00 couple or family unit (making £13.00 in total)
Membership fee (annual)
(reduced by 50% if joining between Oct-March)
£55.00 single
£70.00 couple or family

Note: as the subs year runs Apr-March it can sometimes be cheaper for Prospective Members to pay Day Fees if joining late in a calendar year, and then join from April next. We will always advise the most economical way to join.

Categories of attendees at Siverglades

Open Day Visitor

This is a specific day with special entry conditions. See Open Days

A person who has never attended Silverglades before
Must pre-book via
Proof of ID required
Will be met at gate by a MBNC member

Day visitor

A person who is not a member of MBNC and does not intend to join
Must pre-book via
Proof of ID required
Pre-payment required
Will be met at gate by a MBNC member
Max. 3 visits per year, otherwise must apply for membership

Members’ Guest

See Day Visitors, above

Note: Members’ Guests are simply Day Visitors introduced by Members.  The only difference is that a Member has to be found to accompany Day Visitors, whereas  Member’s Guests will be accompanied by the Member bringing them.

Prospective Member

A person who intends to join MBNC
Must pre-book via
Proof of ID required
Pre-payment required
After 3 visits, must apply for membership
One of the visits must be made when a Committee Member is present
Will be met at gate by a MBNC member

Full Member

A person who has applied for and been accepted as a Member after 3 visits
Upon receipt of subs, they will be given the gate code etc
Can attend unaccompanied

Full Member (Probationary)

A person who has been a Full Member for less than 12 months


A non-naturist, eg a person attending to carry out forestry or conservation work.
Members will usually be warned in advance when a Textile may be seen on site, however if work is urgent, we may not be able to give notice

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