Coronavirus updates

Coronavirus Situation


Silverglades is currently open to members only. We are not accepting day visitors, but we will arrange visits for prospective members.

If you are interested in joining, please contact the MBNC Secretary on 07467 246690 or email

Previous Coronavirus Situation updates

UPDATE 5: 05/06/20 reopened  to members only

UPDATE 4:  01/06/20 Silverglades remains closed. The committee are  looking to see if and when it may be possible to reopen with new hygiene measures in place

UPDATE 3 : 13/05/20 Although there have been some changes to the lockdown rules, our site “Sliverglades” remains closed to all members and visitors

UPDATE 2 : closure extended to at least 28/05/20

UPDATE 1 : due to the extension of CV restrictions we will have to stay closed until 07/05/20 at least

23/03/20:  We have closed Silverglades with immediate effect. This closure will initially be for three weeks from 23/03/20 to 12/04/20 at which point the Government will look at the stay-at-home rules again and relax them if the evidence shows this is possible.

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