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Lancashire Tier 3 – Very High

Lancashire (and therefore Silverglades) is back in Tier 3, see

In tier 3:
• leisure and sports facilities may stay open
• you must not meet socially indoors or in most outdoor places with anybody you do not live with, or who is not in your support bubble, this includes in any private garden or at most outdoor venues
• you must not socialise in a group of more than 6 in some other outdoor public spaces, including parks, beaches, countryside accessible to the public, a public garden, grounds of a heritage site or castle, or a sports facility – this is called the ‘rule of 6’
• accommodation such as campsites must close.
• you can continue to travel to amenities which are open, but should aim to reduce the number of journeys you make where possible
• if you live in a Tier 3 area, you should avoid travelling to other parts of the UK; if you live elsewhere, you should avoid travelling into Tier 3.

As before, the guidance is ambiguous (and is sometimes contradictory), but Silverglades does not appear to be one of the amenities or businesses that must close (although overnight stays are not allowed).

However, the guidance does say you should avoid unnecessary travel. This means members should consider if their visit is really needed (examples are: for exercise, health, work). If you do choose to travel, you may visit Silverglades (but you must return home for the night) so long as you observe the guidance stated above; basically, this means keeping to the Rule of 6 and not staying overnight.

Silverglades remains closed to all non-members

Postcode checker

You can use this link to check the status for Silverglades  (as well as for your own postcode) with the Government’s postcode checker. Silverglades has the same status as Lancaster, so you can use the postcode  LA1 1PJ

From 00:01 on 02/12/20 Silverglades (Lancashire Council area) is at  at  Tier 3 Very high

Current arrangements for visiting Silverglades

If visiting is allowed under current CV regulations (see above) then the following  steps must be observed when attending Silverglades:

Effective from 04/07/20:

• It remains an individual decision whether or not to visit Silverglades. Visits should be influenced by any public health guidance issued at the relevant time and by your own personal circumstances

• When travelling (including by private car), observe the Safer Travel Guidance (see link)

• All Members should be especially aware of the need for those who are 70+ or vulnerable, to socially distance. Please give them plenty of space.

• You MUST NOT visit Silverglades if you have been told to shield, or if you or anyone you have been in contact with has symptoms of coronavirus

• MBNC will use on-site signage, the website, newsletters and emails to remind members and guests of the arrangements currently in place including: 2m social distancing; not to gather in groups of more than 6; to wash hands regularly or to use handgel.

• Every Member or Guest MUST bring their own 70% alcohol handgel and be prepared to show they have done so if requested by another Member.

• MBNC can not provide hand-washing facilities, therefore Members (and their Guests) should also bring with them a quantity of water, soap, and paper towels or equivalent, for hand washing (in addition to 70% alcohol handgel)

• Anyone camping MUST bring with them a quantity of water, soap, and paper towels or equivalent, for hand washing (in addition to 70% alcohol handgel)

• Anti-bacterial handgel gives no protection against viruses and MUST NOT be used as a substitute for 70% alcohol anti-virus handgel or soap and water

• Handgel MUST be used before and after: opening or closing the gate; locking or unlocking the padlock; touching any items which other people may then touch (such as the toilet tent, portable toilet, the Club’s gardening tools)

• Observe 2m social distancing and do not gather in groups of more than 6 (for eg, move to another glade to reduce group sizes). See link and link

Signing in:

• You MUST sign in at Silverglades every day you are present, by email using

• You MUST provide your name. You should also include a contact telephone number.

• Couples must sign in separately (eg, 2x emails, even if from same email account)

• If you bring a guest/s, they must also sign in using etc

• To assist with NHS Test and Trace, MBNC will collect the personal data (name, email, phone number) of every person attending Silverglades and store this information for 21 days in case NHS request the data.

• By attending Silverglades you are deemed to have consented to this use of your personal data. If you wish to opt out of Test and Trace, contact

• If you are unable to sign in by email for any reason, use the contact form at (an email account is not required). As a last resort you may sign in by text to 07854 056138

• While the signing-in book is unavailable, signing in as above is also required to activate our British Naturism insurance. Only Initials and dates will be transferred from emails (or contact forms) to the signing-in book

• After 21 days, emails to (and contact forms) containing personal details will be permanently deleted

• If any payment is required (eg from a Prospective Member, or a Member’s accompanied Guest) it MUST be made by bank transfer only (no cash). Bank details are available from the Secretary

Clubhouse, sheds and portable toilet etc. :

• The Clubhouse and decking are out of bounds, as access to shared facilities, where social distancing is not possible, is not allowed

• The sheds are out of bounds as cleanliness can not be maintained (Martin Rowe and Peter M will cut the grass and will clean any items they touch)

• The garden furniture is out of bounds as cleanliness can not be maintained. Members may bring their own furniture, but do not leave it at Silverglades

• The portable toilet is accessible, but it is now in a toilet tent (there is no access to the decking area)

• The Club MUST provide one method of hand cleaning at the toilet. Without a water supply, the Club can only supply 70% alcohol anti-virus handgel. PLEASE do not use this for the gate, padlock, etc. (use your own handgel instead)

• MBNC has provided anti-virus wipes for cleaning the portable toilet surfaces before and after each use. The wipes are impregnated with a 99.99% effective bactericide and virucide and comply with EN 14476 and EN 1275 standards

• Please wipe over all the toilet surfaces, and place the used wipes in one of the plastic bags provided. If possible, use just one wipe before using the toilet, and one after. Do not dispose of wipes in the toilet. Please take the used wipes and bag home with you for disposal.

• Toilet paper can be put down the toilet

• The handgel and wipes for the toilet are on a wooden frame inside the toilet tent. You may place this frame outside the tent in a shaded area during your stay at Silverglades but please return the frame to the tent before leaving

• No rubbish of any kind is to be left on site. Members and Guests MUST take all rubbish home (including used anti-virus wipes)

Signage to be displayed:

• Laminated signs at the car park and Clubhouse, reminding people of the need for social distancing, keeping to the maximum of 6 in a group, and to frequently use handgel / hand washing

• Laminated signs listing rules currently in place, at the car park and Clubhouse

• Laminated signs about hygiene and cleaning, for the portable toilet

• Laminated signs asking members and visitors to take all litter etc home

Use of site:

• Signing-in by email , web form, or text (see above)

• Members may bring their Guests but payment is in advance by bank transfer (see above)

• Members are responsible for their Guests and should ensure they comply with all the arrangements in place

• Camping by Members (and their Guests) is allowed from 04/07/20

• Prospective Members may attend, accompanied by a Committee Member. Only one visit at £15 (single or couple) is needed prior to applying for membership.

• Payments in advance by bank transfer only. New members will serve 1 year as a Probationary Member so that their behaviour may be monitored

• Silverglades remains closed to unaccompanied guests

For completeness, here are the superseded CV status reports for Silverglades. Please go to the top of the page for current status

Previous status 05/11/20

England-wide lockdown

From 05/11/20 the 3-tier system is being replaced by an England wide lockdown. Leaving your home to visit Silverglades for exercise may be allowed, however, travel outside your local area is discouraged, and gathering outdoors with people not in your household is certainly not allowed. Most overnight stays away from your home are not allowed either.

We have closed Silverglades until further notice. Members may wish to visit the site to carry out maintenance. This may be allowed (although travel outside your local area is discouraged) provided there is no household mixing, but we would need to have a system in place to ensure 2 households do not attend at the same time

Previous status 17/10/20

Lancashire Tier 3 – Very High

Silverglades moved to Tier 3 arrangements with  much tighter restrictions from 00:01 17/10/20.

  • You SHOULD avoid travelling to Silverglades, and if you do visit you MUST avoid mixing with anyone outside your own household/bubble and you MUST keep to the Rule of 6.
  • Overnight stays at Silverglades SHOULD be avoided.
  • Social distancing MUST be maintained, therefore  accompanied visits by prospective members can not happen at present

Effectively, this means that although we can remain open to members, the guidance says you SHOULD avoid travelling to Silverglades!

Previous status: 15/10/20

Silverglades falls within a Tier 2 High Risk area. See Definition of Local Covid Alert Level High

The site remains open to full members and their household only.  Prospective members accompanied by a committee member may be able to visit if social distancing can be safely maintained

If you are interested in joining, please contact the MBNC Secretary on 07467 246690 or email

In summary: The clubhouse and sheds remain closed. Rule of 6 applies outdoors. Different households should not mix outdoors. See 04/07/20 below  for full rules

Previous status 27/06/20 (updated with minor amendment 04/07/20 and 19/07/20)

Silverglades is currently open to members and their accompanied guests only. We are not accepting unaccompanied day visitors. We will however arrange visits for prospective members, accompanied by a committee member

Previous status  05/06/20 reopened  to members only

Previous status 01/06/20 Silverglades remains closed. The committee are  looking to see if and when it may be possible to reopen with new hygiene measures in place

Previous status 13/05/20 Although there have been some changes to the lockdown rules, our site “Sliverglades” remains closed to all members and visitors

Previous status : closure extended to at least 28/05/20

Previous status due to the extension of CV restrictions we will have to stay closed until 07/05/20 at least

Previous status 23/03/20:  We have closed Silverglades with immediate effect. This closure will initially be for three weeks from 23/03/20 to 12/04/20 at which point the Government will look at the stay-at-home rules again and relax them if the evidence shows this is possible.

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