Silverglades Saturdays

The next in our series of “Silvergades Saturdays” will be held on 14 April  2018. If you’re thinking of joining MBNC and have not visited before, your visit will be free. Just contact us to let us know you’d like to come, see our Contact Page and Join us for more details

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Of course, you already know this! But I’m posting it here so it can be shared later

Silverdale Saturdays

MBNC held the  first Silverdale Saturday of 2018 today. The weather was poor (too wet to do any grounds maintenance apart from flattening a few molehills!) so we settled for an indoor buffet provided by 2 of our local members from Arnside. About 12 members were  present, plus a prospective member from Preston.

We’ve also relaxed our rules slightly so the first visit is now free for non-MBNC members (good news for our visitor from Preston who is now due a refund!)

Our next Silverdale Saturday will be on 14/04/18 and we’d love to see some new faces then! Or if you can’t wait, just DM me or call/text 07854056138 and I’ll arrange a visit for you

Naturism needs you!

Morecambe Bay Naturist Club is a friendly, landed club a few miles north of Lancaster, adjacent to Silverdale railway station. Our site, ‘Silverglades’, occupies ten acres of sheltered south facing slopes screened from the outside world. A mix of woodlands, glades, lawns and legally protected limestone pavements, located in the Arnside and Sliverdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We are a short distance from the Leighton Hall estate, and next to the RSPB Leighton Moss nature reserve, both worth a (clothed) visit.

Although we have plenty of Nature (wild meadow, butterflies, red and fallow deer, marsh harriers), we don’t have enough Naturists! This may be down to the club having few facilities, but I’d urge anyone in the Northwest to come along and see what we do have to offer, hopefully some of you will impressed enough to join us!

I live a couple of miles from the site and as I’m self-employed I can often arrange to meet visitors at short notice (the site is padlocked). So, come along, have a look and see what you think. A day visit costs only £5 for a single (£8 for a couple or family unit). Overnight (camping) fees are a little higher. If the sun doesn’t shine, you won’t be charged just to look around the site.

Contact: MBNC Chairman     07854 056138

First visit of 2018

I made a quick visit to Sliverglades today, to introduce a prospective member and to check for storm damage over winter. A few large branches were down, and lots of small stuff, but nothing major. The moles have been busy on the lawns though. Nothing a few hours of work can’t put right

Naturist swimming

The summer may have ended, but there are still opportunities to enjoy naturism away from Silverglades.

Blackpool and Fylde Sun Club organise a naturist swim at Poulton baths every month. This is usually on the first Saturday of the month although the November meet will be on 11th November. You need to contact them first rather than just arriving unannounced if you’ve not been before. The swim is from 19:00 to 21:00  and they meet after in a nearby pub for drinks.

North West Naturists arrange a bigger swim at Worsley Pool Complex Walkden Manchester including sauna and steam room. Swims are often but not always on the last Saturday of the month (next on 28th October 2017 16:30 to 19:30) so always check their website first. Again, it’s necessary to contact them first if you’ve not already been.

I now attend these swims regularly and can offer a free lift to MBNC members or others who wish to attend.  Travelling by car from close to Kendal with 3 spaces, I can pick up along the A6 corridor (Carnforth, Lancaster), Morecambe, Preston and other places en route. Comment here,  or if you prefer email

See you there perhaps?