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What is all this about?

Do YOU know what NATURISM is? You may think you do, but if you haven’t actually tried it, you may have got the wrong idea altogether. Let us explain…

Naturism is about freedom. Freedom to be who you really are, free from stress, status, status symbols and the many material things which serve to divide us. Freedom to relax in a friendly and safe environment among friends.

In the UK at least 1.2 million people describe themselves as being a naturist which is roughly the same as the membership of the Church of England but it could be double that number. About 1 person in 4 has swum nude and nearly as many have sunbathed nude. One in five has seen a neighbour nude and a similar number have themselves been nude in their garden. Two thirds believe that garden nudity should be legal (good news – it already is).

Being naked is only a small part of naturism, above all else it is an incredibly sociable, simple and safe activity free from the pressures of modern life. Where people of all ages and from all backgrounds meet and relax in complete equality, where no one is judged and everyone is accepted for who you are.

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Naturists are a simple and friendly bunch who enjoy the natural world. Naturism appeals particularly to couples and families for whom the various activities offer a welcome break from the trials and tribulations of everyday life.

When we wear clothes appearance seems to matter so much, yet when we wear nothing and walk around naked, appearance does not matter at all. Naturists are normal people who come in all shapes and sizes, some may have scars from an operation or accident, others may have a disability, but no one really notices and all are equally welcome.

Yes of course people look at you, but not in a judgemental or sexual way and by the time you have been a couple of times being naked is so natural you won’t want to dress again.

It really is a great life, so why not find out what you have been missing and give it a try, you have nothing to lose – except your inhibitions.

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At Silverglades we strive to maintain a friendly atmosphere in which people of all ages and backgrounds can meet and socialise in relaxed and informal surroundings where you can forget all your worries and recharge your batteries ready for another day. New members are always very welcome, and if you are in a relationship, we encourage you to bring your partner along too. We do not to pressurise anyone into going fully naked, but you have to remember that this is a naturist club after all! Visits from genuine naturists (and particularly from beginners) are welcome.

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