Where’s the beach?

MBNC isn’t like a traditional large naturist (or nudist) club. You could say our site, Silverglades, is a naturist beach, without the beach – but with woods and lawns!

Through the woods
Woodland walk

Our roots go back to 1986 when Lancaster City Council considered sanctioning a nudist beach at Heysham Head for the 1987 season but then changed its mind about naturism for 1988. As a result we obtained a small woodland site for the season, and in 1989 we moved to our current site Silverglades, in Silverdale.

Although we have 10 acres of secluded woods, glades and lawns (only ten miles north of Lancaster, less than a mile from Morecambe Bay, and close to Silverdale Station) we don’t have luxuries like electricity and gas. Our facilities are very simple (which is why our annual fee is so low – about £1 per week!)  and our membership is quite small.

When members are present we mostly spend our time there outdoors which means it’s best to visit when the weather is warm.  The site is ideal for day visits, or for stripped-back camping.

camping in the ferns

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